Sound the trumpets

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound. ~ Revelation 8:1, 6

Winter Garden, FL., 10/5, 3:30 A.M., 39 months left.

"So who's in charge here?"  Doug Said.  They all looked at each other and said at the same time and said, "SHE IS!" While pointing at Jessica.  "Me!" Jess proclaimed, "How  ?" Doug laughed and said, "I don't think she wants the job." However the other 4 agreed and nodded their approval. "O.K. you were the first to come to the truth after the earthquake, and you just took over as we met Doug." Bob said. Then Sam chimed in, "I'm no leader, I'm a worker." Allison looked at Tim as she threw her arm around Jess and said, "We don't want the job, what's next boss?"  Jess protested at first but then warmed to the idea after a short heart to heart with Bob Edwards about her knowledge of current events, her organizational skills, and as he put it her, "Take charge approach." She had to admit that since the earthquake she had felt different.  As if God himself had flipped a switch inside her.  She felt more energy to lead and be God's voice in this last period in history. Just as they were all hugging and agreed that "The way" had a new leader, another rumbling was felt by all. Not as strong as the first one that preceeded the rapture, but definitely powerful. 

As they reached the shelter entrance, everyone heard a loud noise. Sam noticed a flaming ball hit the trees in the distance, "What was that" he said just as another smaller fireball hit directly in front of Tim Gordon. Liquid in nature, it oozed what looked like blood.  After it hit, strangely enough a hailstone the size of a soccerball hit 3 feet from Bob Edwards. "Get inside quick!" he yelled.  Climbing down the entrance to the shelter proved difficult in this madness, but all 6 managed it as quickly as possible.  As they reached the bottom Bob screamed, "What was that?" Jessica countered with, "The first trumpet judgment, hail and fire are being thrown to the earth."  Allison said, "The first what?" As Jessica found her bible and turned to Revelation 8:7, she said, "Judy once told me that one way this could happen was if all the volcanoes of the world erupted at the same time, the resulting lava storm would wreak havoc with the atmosphere and result in what is described here, what we just witnessed." Bob asked, "wait a minute, the closest volcano to us is in new Mexico, How could that possibly reach us here in Florida?" Jess countered, "Actually Bob there are over 5000 underwater volcanoes around the world, with several right next door in the Caribbean."  Sam could only stare at her and say, "This is why you're in charge , Babe."

 After a couple days of study, which they all felt they needed, Bob especially, they emerged back outside as no noise was heard topside. What they found was incredible.  1/3 of the trees were gone, incinerated, and there was no grass anywhere. It was replaced with steaming mounds of earth, not to hot to walk on but definitely hotter than normal soil.

To be continued.......