What we believe:

Creation:  We believe that God, by divine decree, created the Heavens and the Earth approximately 6,000 years ago, not billions of years ago. The overwhelming evidence of this viewpoint will, hopefully, be obvious to all who visit.

Fall of Mankind:  We believe that having freewill, mankind rebelled, and continues to rebel to this day,  against its Creator.  As a result, we are all born into sin which will result in not only physical death, but also eternal separation from God in Hell.

The Flood:  We believe that around 4,400,(est.), years ago, God flooded the entire earth due to mankind's rebellion and wickedness.  God saved only eight righteous humans and started over.  Why a flood?  Because a miracle would have left no evidence of God's judgment.  This flood, however, left evidence for future generations of His righteous judgment.  Unfortunately, this evidence has been perverted by Evolutionists, Atheists, and secular scientists, to confuse all generations about God's true nature.

Jesus Christ:  We believe that Jesus is the physical manifestation of God in the flesh, Who was born of a virgin, suffered for the sins of mankind, was Crucified, Died and was resurrected to conquer sin and death for the world, Rose bodily into Heaven, and will come back to earth to rapture His church and pronounce final judgment on mankind.  Accepting Christ is the only way to escape judgment and eternal separation from God in Hell.

End Times: We believe that God is outside space and time, however, as his creation, we are bound by the laws of time and space, this current portion of our existence, we believe, is the end times.  We believe this is the generation spoken of in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 24.  We believe in the Rapture, which is the bodily removal of all true believers of Jesus as their Savior, at the appointed time known only by God, where God will then remove the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit, and pour out His last judgments on the Earth.

Religion:  We do not believe in religion.  Religion is mankind's attempt to define God in terms that they feel comfortable with. Religion is imperfect because it was developed by man and therefore will never succeed in its efforts to reach God.  The administrators of this website adhere to no organized religion, subscribe to no man-made traditions, and belong to no single denomination.


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