I've been an Atheist, Agnostic, Evolutionist, Humanist, and even a Self righteous holier than thou Christian. All of these have one thing in common. A big Ego. Imagine unravelling the beliefs of the above described person. I have included the videos that did just that to me. I challenge you to view each one objectively.  Having your belief system obliterated isn't easy, trust me. But only a fool sticks with his or her beliefs when the undisputed facts dictate that they are wrong. Put your Ego in park, shut off the engine, and watch the most amazing videos you have ever seen.

Video 1 The age of the earth 2:20

Video 2 The garden of Eden 2:20

Video 3 Dinosaurs and the Bible 2:20

Video 4 Lies in the textbooks 2:20

Video 5 Dangers of Evolution 2:20

Video 6 The Hovind theory 2:20

Video 7 Questions and answers 3:00

Video 8 After the Tribulation 1:53