Spiritual Warfare! 

My family and I are shopping for a new church.  It seems that the Apostle Paul was right, grievous wolves have entered the church.  It happened so gradually that it almost went unnoticed.  Look around your church, if there is a 90 minute service that after the band, announcements, offering, guilting, special guests, carnivals, and coffee are eliminated and that leaves all of 20 minutes of an actual sermon, which consists of 19 minutes of humor and personal stories and one minute of actual biblical teaching, than you might have been infiltrated as well. If an encounter with a pastor or elder leaves you cold because you do not sense the presence of God, you might have been infiltrated.  It is not you, it is them.  At some point they replaced the king of kings and Lord of Lords with their own idolatrous warm and fuzzy Jesus. The Jesus who ignores sin, rewards evil, and is more concerned with your feelings here on earth more than your eternal soul. Quick update: that Jesus does not exist. My Lord chastised the pharisees, Took a whip to the temple to clear it out of thieves and robbers, and rebuked demons. My Lord warned 5 of the 7 churches in Revelation that they could lose their salvation if they didn't repent of their sins of liberal Christianity.  He wasn't worried about their feelings or if they were happy with their life. He said they will face tribulation and they had to deny themselves, pick up their cross and follow him. So if your church has been infiltrated, and the elders and pastors can't look you in the eye and feel repelled by your presence or can't hold a conversation with you, it is due to spiritual warfare. Just as Jesus repelled the demons, and they trembled with fear at his presence.  Just as the roman guards fell over when he simply spoke to them in the garden as the arrested him, so they will repel your presence. You are soundly saved if you have these feelings, and can discern their idolatrous watered down gospel which includes more sales and marketing than Jesus' words. Time to choose sides before its too late.  Until next time................................

Easter and other indoor sports

Luke 24:1-12

N.A.F.C.V (new american false convert version)

1) Now on Sunday, they came to the tomb, bright and early, bringing baskets.

2) And they found the stone had turned to chocolate.

3) And they ate and ate, wondering where the bunny went.

4) And it came to pass, they were confused and full, when 2 cute fuzzy chicks appeared to them in pastel garments.

5) And as they became exited, the chicks said, "follow his bunny tracks, he is not here."

6) "He has gone, remember the traditions"

7) "you must hunt and hunt."

8) and they remembered that their happiness was most important.

9) And returned, found their friends and formed a hunting plan.

10) It was Jimmy, and Sarah, and Bobby who told their friends about the fun and games.

11) And some friends said, "we don't believe in Jesus, we can't play"

12) And Bobby rose up and said, "who's Jesus, and what does he have to do with my eggs?" So they all hunted and had a great time. Because fun is all that's important on this day.

If you laughed at this blog, you need to realize the one who Died for you wasn't furry with long ears, then go pick up A Bible.  If you became angry at me, you need to dump your pride and go pick up a Bible.  If you were indifferent, you need to understand the meaning of his sacrifice by picking up a Bible.  If you solemnly prayed for those whom this blog was written about, that they Find the Lord before It's too late, you probably already read your Bible today.  (K.J.V. probably) God bless you Today, this Resurrection day, and all year.

Which Jesus?

Don't all Christians follow the same Jesus? This is a question recently asked to me by a Muslim friend of mine. He was confused as to why several of his Christian friends spoke of Jesus differently, as if He was not the same "Jesus" from conversation to conversation. I will try to elaborate what he meant, how I answered him, and why I believe this is the biggest problem in the church today:

Basically, it all boils down to Idolatry. Several images of Jesus are created in our minds. Who we think He is. How we feel He should feel about us. How we would really like Him to be in our minds. All this to help us feel better about who we are. Creating a false image in our minds as to who the person of Jesus is and how we want Him to be is the height of blasphemy. Not only for us, but for our pastors, ministers, priests, or whoever is set up as a spiritual authority figure in our lives. If we are taught a falsehood as to who Jesus is and how He feels about us and our beliefs, it will be irreversibly destructive to our souls. Yes, it is that serious. 

Five times in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation, Jesus Himself says that unless you repent of your false Christianity, you will lose your salvation! Yes, you can lose your salvation. It is true, no matter what your warm, fuzzy, seeker-sensitive, liberal mega church teaches you. Beware. Jesus, scripturally, hates sin. He is not crazy about everything we do, and certainly does not "put up with it" because He loves us. In fact, He loves us unconditionally, regardless of our sin. He wishes all to come to repentance, be soundly saved, and follow Him into heaven. 

However, if we willingly sin while knowing it is wrong and don't repent due to the fact that we have been taught or think that He'll be o.k. with that sin because He loves us, think again please! You will go to hell. Period. He says so in His word. 

Revelation 2:5 says, "Repent, or I will remove your Lampstand (i.e. your light, or salvation) unless you repent" 

Revelation 2:16 says, "Repent, or I will come against you with the sword of my mouth"(Which he uses to slay his enemies at the 2nd coming) 

Rev. 2:22-23 says, "Repent, or be cast into great tribulation, and I will kill your children with death, and all will know I search the heart and give to everyone according to their works" 

Revelation 3:3,5 says, "Repent, or I will come on thee as a thief... he that does repent, I will not blot out his name from the book of life" (Saying if you don't repent, he will blot it out!) 

Revelation 3:17,19 says, "You say you are in need of nothing but you are miserable, poor, blind, and naked...As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, so repent"  

This is serious stuff. Ditch the warm and fuzzy seeker-sensitive idolatry-based Jesus and embrace the Biblical Lover of your soul. Because your soul depends on it.

Until next time.....


Joy to the world

The recent secular attack on Christmas demands a response.  Christians everywhere afraid to counter the society's claims of the "Holidays" not being about the person of Jesus need to hold their heads high while they defend their faith.  The following historical and Biblical facts should help:

Fact 1- Luke 1:5-25 Recalls the story of Zechariah and Elisabeth and the conception of John the Baptist.  Verse 8 and 9 tell us that he was appointed to burn incense in the temple. There were 18,000 Priests and no priest could do this more than once.  Historic Jewish records show this to be sometime in the Jewish month of Tishri (September-October). According to his lineage and house.

Fact 2-Luke 1:26 Recalls that 6 months after this, Gabriel announced that Mary Conceived Jesus.  This would be the Jewish month of Nissan (March-April)

Fact 3-Pregnancy is an average of 9 months.  Putting the birth of Jesus in The Jewish month of Tevet.(December-January)

So, according to Jewish record keeping, the most detailed oriented in the world, the Birth of Christ was between December 15 and January 15.  We can narrow that down further when we look at Luke 1:23.  The exact day of conception of John the Baptist was  "after the days of ministration were accomplished"  How many days were his Ministration?  Jews were and are very numeric specific people.  7 and 10 being very high on the list of identifying numbers for such tasks.  Which puts the birth of Christ either on the 22nd or the 25th of December.  Since 10 is God's number of completion, Odds are his ministration was complete September 25.  Which made Conception of Jesus March 25th, Which made His Birthday....................

December 25th

Merry Christmas 


Allowing the secular media to dictate your beliefs is like allowing a KKK grand wizard to tell you all about Black history month.  It is illogical, their agenda is anti-Christian and their "theories" are questionable at best, Politically motivated at worst.  So defend your faith, it only gets worse from here on out. Until next time.

False Prophet?

Wow, I just realized the last blog I wrote was over 6 months ago.  Sorry.  I will write more often since end times events have seemed to ramp up.  Several questions have been risen lately and I will try to answer all of them, now, in this blog.  If not weekly than as frequently as I can.  Not the least of them include, "Is Donald Trump the Anti-Christ?", " When will the Natural Disasters climax?", "When will WWIII start?", all good questions.  But the one I'll start out with is "Is Pope Francis the False Prophet?" In a word, No.  In the end times the false prophet is the figure that will convince the world to follow the Anti-Christ.  This cannot be the pope.  Number one, the false prophet must be a Jew.  And second, The pope will, IMHO, be the leader of the end times church, a potpourri of all religions into one concept of God.  The "one world church" as it has been called.  Proof of this is the most blasphemous thing I ever heard a "Christian" utter. Click here. Honestly, A Pope saying these things should not only send chills up your spine, but should make you look up, for your redemption draws near. Also this brings back an old article that now has new meaning, "The prophecy of the Popes"  So to summarize, not the false prophet, but enough evidence to seriously consider that the end times are getting closer. until next time.....


Who are you voting for? I have been asked by everyone. To which I reply, "I'm voting for the next President." I will not tell all who I am voting for. (though I have told some) The main reason is the ramped up hostility surrounding this election. You must understand that weather you know it or not, this election has already been decided. I'm not talking Illuminati or any other secular theories, I'm talking about the Lord. Romans 13:1. So having established that, let yourself be what you were designed to be, an instrument of the Lord to render your vote by your conscience. Even Jimny cricket knew, "Let your conscience be your guide." Who will represent you and your best interest? Not listening to scandal, rumor, or innuendo. Rather, whose policies would further the best interests of God and country. The bottom line is this, whoever wins, it is God's will, not ours. Now, if the new leader starts a war, then it was meant to happen. If the new leader gives away the store, it was meant to happen. whatever happens was meant to happen in this place at this time and there is nothing you can do about it. Unless of course it comes down to you violating the word of God due to the new leader's position. If that is the case than you can refer to Acts 5:29 and pray. But, anything else, you can do nothing. You have done your part. You voted. If you win, you win. If you lose, you lose. It is what it is, by God's hand. So don't freak out if Mr. Trump wins, he 'aint gonna start WW III, and if he does than it's God's timing and we are that much closer to Heaven. Don't freak out if Mrs Clinton wins, She 'aint gonna be confiscating anyone's guns. And, if she does, Hide yours and know you are that much closer to heaven. And it was designed by God and not the Electoral college. And I still 'aint telling you who I'm voting for...........................................................................................................................................


All right September came and went, nothing happened. Right? Well not exactly. Remember we are not at war with flesh and blood according to the bible, we are at war with Satan's influence on a fallen world.  The events of September 2015 were the key that unlocked the ability of mankind to edge further off the cliff. Remember its all about the birth pains. Ask any pregnant woman, that 9th month is loooonger than the first 8 combined. it seems like that kid a'int ever gonna be born. But he or she will come out, just like our pains will end someday with the "birth" we are waiting for.  So what did 9/2015 teach us? Exactly what I said it would. that it will come upon you like a thief in the night, it will not be announced. Just keep watching the pains I've been telling you about for years and compare them to what they were like when I started. Frightening isn't it? The events of 9/2015 have spawned actions that have lead to the brink of wwIII(watch turkey-u.s.s.r.-syria), the collapse of the world economy(oil-collapse of dollar-baltic dry index-world markets), more satanic influences(Lucifer T.V. show-Grammy's-super bowl Halftime show) Nobody will see this coming, it's subtle, just as Jesus predicted it all.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, lose the warm fuzzy phony Jesus that your liberal church is telling you about and pick up a bible and meet the real Jesus, then you'll know what I'm talking about.............. until next time......................................


After 9 years in prison, one of my heroes who was wrongly convicted by a God hating Judge has been set free. Dr. Kent Hovind Whose sentence was originally set for ten years, in the most vile judicial mistreatment that I've ever witnessed, will be coming home. Please join me in celebrating this great man's return to the Evangelical world. While in prison on trumped up charges, his family suffered as well as the Christian community.  He has been used mightily by God and has written several books and brought over 500 souls to Christ while in prison. It is truly a great day. All charges have been dropped and a suit is in the works to recover property seized and wrongful incarceration. Please pray for him and his family that life will continue for them as bountiful as it was before they wrongly incarcerated him.


I am in the process of updating the lion's share of this website.  Recently the administrators of this website have changed from the traditional "pre-trib" view point, which has no scriptural basis whatsoever, to the corrected "post-trib, pre-wrath" viewpoint.  For my entire walk with Christ I have held the "Pre-trib" view point and this will be no small task.  This website is aweish in "pre-trib" philosophies and doctrine and for that I apologize.  God has placed powerful feelings on my heart and I can only feel humbled and honored that he would use me in this manner.  Imagine believing a falsehood for years and years only to have the truth revealed in such a manner as this.  Well, I can't do other than change my beliefs and report the same.  In the future days and weeks, we will be dramatically changing every page to reflect God's will.  We are excited about these changes and ask you to open your mind, as I always have, to change.  Especially if that change is divinely directed.  The 2 views aren't really that far apart.  It all depends how you view the word Tribulation.  The tribulation actually started at Jesus' ascension. not some futuristic event that we are waiting for.  Dozens and dozens of biblical passages will confirm this as fact.  Whereas there are no, none, zip, nill, nada verses that support the traditional pre trib position.  But as I've always said tradition is bunk.  God's word is the final authority, and it's time to start practicing what I preach.  So, again, I apologize to you for the long absence, and look forward to our continued receiving of God's Revelations which it has been, and will continue to be my pleasure to bring you all.


If you only see one movie this year, go and see the Left Behind reboot which hit theaters nationwide  October 3rd.  Endorsed by both Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, the authors of the original Left Behind book series, The new reboot stars Nicholas Cage and promises not to disappoint as it does not depart from its biblical roots. The movie centers on several characters and their personal stories on how they deal with the moments immediately following the Rapture. Enjoy the movie and drop me an E-mail regarding what you thought.


Are you or do you know someone who is a "creaster" Someone who worries about God only on Christmas or Easter. but on the other 363 days only worries about themselves. Not saying these are bad people. on the contrary, these may be some of the most loving, charitable, earnest people that you know. But as we all know, that's just not good enough. Creasters are best recognized by their ability to make you think that they are very religious but deep down, as the scriptures say, "These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me"~Matthew 15:8.  They have the building blocks of faith, but refuse to let God be the master of their life.  These as well will hear on judgment day, "Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'"~Matthew 7:23.  It seems hard to believe that the Lord would deny the deeds of a seemingly righteous person. but you see, they have it backwards.  They are trying to please God with their good deeds and actions, when that's not how it works.  These are those who will tell you that you are not good enough, you might curse, or do things that are not traditionally things a "christian" does, thereby making it seem like you are the one with the problem. But remember," no one is righteous, no not one."~Romans 3:10.  "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God"~Romans 3:23.  All means All that's All All means. Repent of the sins that you stumble into, Trust God that he is the master of your life. Stop worrying about the creasters in your life, lead them to a bible and maybe they'll see that it's not all about them, it's about Christ. It's not about pointing out the flaws in others, it"s about the fact that we have been forgiven. "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."~ Romans 5:8 If you believe this in your heart, have repented, and trust God to guide your life, then you are o.k. Because he knows your heart. So the next time a Creaster points out your flaws, or gets self righteous on you in order to put themselves in the spotlight, just remember, God reads the Heart, not the deeds or "Knowledge". Then take 'em down the Rapture Road.


It has been 10 months since I wrote an entry in this blog.  In that time, the world has presented a host of challenges to my family and me. Because of this, I would like to attempt to redefine the term, "backsliding."  Backsliding is used to define a period of time in that the Christian has difficulty following the guidelines set forth in the Bible.  This assumes that the christian in question is following his human heart which has a proclivity to lean toward sinning.  I would like to say that in my humble opinion, that is not the case.  If you read your Bible you will see that we are to suffer tribulations, and trials of all kinds in our walk with the Lord.  These are not punishments, but rather meant to strengthen our position as saved christians.  To the outside world it may look as though these "backsliding" christians are more angry, bitter, and spiteful than normal, and in some cases that may be true.  But, not all cases. Most of the time the buzz word is confusion. Because of confusion, we sometimes think God is not there. But like the dad teaching his son to ride a bike, sometimes you take your hand off the bike to see if he is ready to go solo yet.  Well, sometimes God takes his "hand off the bike", lets you crash, and is there to comfort you when you do. What should you do? some christians throw away the bike, curse their dad, and never ride again.  But God is there to see that you get back on the bike and learn from your mistakes. When you do, you are a stronger christian, your faith is unshakeable, and this is called sanctification. God using trials and tribulation to make you stronger and more bulletproof through him. Well dear readers, after trials and testings that were severe, I'm happy to report that I'm back on the bike, all bandaged up, and promise more regular updates, since things are heating up in the world. Thanks for hanging in there.

And the winner is..........

One of the most popular questions ever asked is, "When is the rapture going to happen?" My answer has always been, "No man knows the date or time." That is true.   You have heard pre, mid, or post trib. There's pre wrath, post wrath, and discussions on the millennial kingdom; will it happen or is it not real. So much time is spent on arguing that we lose sight of Jesus' teachings. So I'm here to proclaim a winner in the debate. Some will argue, some will agree, and some won't care either way. However since it is the goal of this site to find the truth and then report it, here goes: and the winner is.... Post Trib-Pre Wrath.

Having spent all my researching days as a "pre-tribber" this may come as a shock to some, and we are now at work to amend any portions of this site contrary to the truth, and I humbly apologize. But, in my defense, sanctification in The Lord is a lifelong process, fraught with ups and downs, rights and wrongs, peaks and valleys, and the like. As I am enlightened to new truths, I immediately report them. This is one of those times. So let me get to the reasons I now report this position as fact. 1) the "tribulation" has been going on since 96 A.D. When Jesus broke the first seal in the book of revelation. Several verses point to going through tribulation in the present tense. Paul and John refer to people as their, "partners in tribulation" Jesus himself says that in the world "ye shall have tribulation" nowhere does it mention that the tribulation is a 7 year period. In the book of Daniel it does mention a seven year covenant between the anti christ and the jews, and I do believe that this is the last seven years of the tribulation, but it is not "the tribulation" 2) Matthew chapter 24 states that "after the tribulation" Jesus shall gather his elect(believers) from the four corners of the earth. He also says that the sun shall go dark, stars will fall, and people will mourn. This is the same as the sixth seal judgment of revelation 6. Make no mistake, no thinking person can read Matthew chapter 24 and not know 2 things; one, that the rapture takes place after the tribulation. And two, if you couple this with the book of revelation, Gods wrath will come after that. Praise God that believers will be kept from his wrath, but we will go through and are currently going through the birth pains of the tribulation that are groaning until the end. For more detailed accounts please view the documentary "after the tribulation" at www.afterthetribulation.com

Birth Pains

Ask any woman who's had a baby what labor pains are like and she'll tell you, "Very intense, very painful, and worse as they get closer to each other." (I have some experience in this reaction having been through the births of my seven children) Early on in the pregnancy the pains are minor, called Braxton-Hicks contractions.  These begin around 6 months into the pregnancy and last very briefly and are very far apart.  They don't really hurt that much, and very often they go un-noticed.  As the pregnancy goes on, however, they get more intense, more painful, and closer in frequency.  First a week apart, then days apart, then a day apart, then 2 a day, then hours apart, then 2 an hour, then water breaks, then they are minutes apart before the appearing of your new child.  My wife never said at 6 months of pregnancy, "I've had these pains before, they don't really concern me, they'll pass, they don't mean anything."  Rather she knows with 100% certainty that a baby will eventually come. 

     In the Gospel, Jesus refers to the trials and tribulations that mankind must go through leading up to his return as "Birth pains" Meaning that War, Famine, Earthquakes, Floods, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Financial chaos, Sin, Degradation, And whatever else you can think of will grow more intense as we wind down the prophetic clock.  Unlike my wife however, a large part of society looks at these events, sticks their head in the sand and says, "We've had these pains before, they don't really concern me, they'll pass, they don't mean anything."  This was also prophecied in the Bible as well.  In 2 Peter it says 2 very interesting things.  #1: Scoffers will come saying, "where is the promise of his coming, for all things continue the same, with no changes" #2: To God, a day is as 1000 years and 1000 years is as a day.  Since Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind, it's been 2000 years to us.  We are trapped in time.  To God It's been a weekend. 

     We use to call a hurricane "the hundred year storm", now we get an average of ten a year.  Earthquakes use to be a infrequent occurrence earning front page news, now we get over 200 Magnitude 4.0 or greater quakes every week.

The Sun is more intense, spitting off flares that have never been seen before.  Every category discussed in scripture is off the charts, increasing in intensity like never recorded in history.  Why do people continue to scoff still? Simple.  That was prophecied as well.  The Bible says unbelievers will walk after their own lusts and deny God's power, Making natural excuses for the acts of God that they see.  It also says that they will be "Willingly Ignorant"(in the Greek that means "dumb on purpose") Meaning they will want to be ignorant of his acts because he will bring an end to their good times, and we all know their pleasure is above God's will. 

     This is why most "Christians" have made up their own idea of "god" in their minds that they can feel comfortable with.  I recently counseled a person who told me that her church only studies the "nice parts" of Jesus.  I told her how destructive that was to ignore 50% of the Lords teachings, He says himself in the 9th chapter of Luke that those who do that will be cast into Hell.  She said that she didn't believe "her god" would create a place like hell.  I said that she was right.  Her god can't because he doesn't exist.  he's a warm and fuzzy imagination in her mind designed to make her feel good.  I told her that Jesus spoke of hell twice as much as heaven.  This ended with her gratefullness that I opened the Bible to her as nobody ever had.  I've heard someone say to me "I never knew Jesus said that" more times than I would like to say.  That scares me that today's modern churches  are sending people down a warm and fuzzy path to destruction.

     Birth pains cycle down, if 1 represents the birth, then we can see how we can get from 512, to 256, to 128, to 64, to 32, to 16, to 8, to 4, to 2, to 1 pretty logically.  Don't ignore the obvious signs, get your head out of the sand, Open your Bible. I pray for all your salvation to all who read.


Rat poison

     Ever had a rat in the house?  How did you get rid of it?  You might have used rat poison.  But, here's something that you might not know.  Rat poison is comprised of 99.9% good, yummy food.  That's right, only .01% of rat poison is actual poison.  But it's enough to kill the unsuspecting critter.  If you had too much poison, the rat would avoid it.  If you had too much food, the rat wouldn't die.

     Why am I telling you this?  Simple, this is also how Satan works.  He has taken good food(the church) and mixed in poison(the modern gospel) And no one notices because the food is so good(Health, wealth, prosperity, and all the warm fuzzies that they can dish out)  You see, Jesus gave us the way to heaven, but sometimes we crave a more user friendly happier version.  And since his name is still mentioned, it's o.k. to change the rules for our self esteem issues. 

     Well, actually it's not o.k.  Jesus actually said in the gospel that many christians will be confused at the judgment because even though they were kind, gentile, charitable, and loving, he still will turn them away. Check it out in Matthew 7:21-23.  This verse is the most scary for today's modern Christian, they have been told that charity, kindness, and "acting Christianlike" will be enough, but Jesus himself says no.  Satan is not against good morals and kindness.  Some of the most wonderful people I have ever met are Atheists.  Satan is against the person of Jesus Christ. 

     Don't be fooled!  God says in the book of Romans that all our good deeds are like filthy rags and will not get us to heaven.  You can't impress him, so stop trying.  Your salvation has already been provided, at no cost.  Jesus paid your fine.  You're free.  Just accept and believe that's it.  Don't fall for the rat poison, the enticements of health, wealth, and prosperity.  What happens when they don't come, then what?  You better have the covering of God almighty, stop looking for your own covering.  God already provided one.  Take it!  Want to know how?  Click here  

     Stop trying to get "Religion" or trying to avoid "Religion", Just forget religion altogether and simply get God. It's less stressful that way, trust me. Drop us an E-mail, let us know of your walk with the Lord.

2012, the year of big changes

First off, I hope you all had a Christ centered Christmas, after all when the holiday has your name in it, you should be the focus.  Second, I apologize for the lengthy absence, we relocated and that, as you know, is tough.  Third, and last, get ready for a wild year.  This is it!  And I'm not talking Myans, aliens, or politics.  You won't read silly, secular fairy tales here.  I'm talking Worldwide collapse, chaos, and war.  You heard it here.  If I'm wrong, label me a fruitcake and never visit this site again.  But I am not.  You can only try to squeeze 5 lbs. of bologna in a 1 lb. bag for so long until you give up and realize it is futile.  You can only try to stop inevitable conflicts for so long until you run out of resources and realize it is futile.  And finally, you can only try for so long to stop prophecy from coming true for so long until you finally realize that it is futile.  The apostle Paul once wrote, "Perilous times WILL come."  He didn't warn us that they might come, he didn't say if you are real good and nice you can avoid it. He said they will come.  Absolute, thus saith the Lord stuff.  So buckle up, keep your hands and feet in the tram at all times, and no flash photography.  Please stay tuned and pay attention.  Take your head out of the sand.  Read that dusty old Bible on the shelf.  And prepare, prepare, prepare.  We'll be here to help. 

Rapture Road, The series

One of the reasons for this site is to seek and save the lost.  Another is to reach out to those who don't know if they are saved.  That is why I've taken the advice of friends and started writing a book.  The theme of the book(s) will be 7 people who think that they are saved Christians only to find out that all are not.  Follow these 7 main Characters, as well as several supporting characters, as they go through the Tribulation, the Rapture, and the imminent return of the Lord, together.  Who will be raptured, who will become a martyr, and who will make it to the end?  By taking on this project, I hope to enlighten the people who not only question their salvation, but are confused as to which parts of the Bible are figurative, and which are real.  These stories will be 100% based on scripture, with no feel-good Christianity-light in the mix.  I will step on several toes.  My goal is to make you feel uncomfortable if you are not doing anything for the Lord.  But then again, isn't that all of our jobs.

Throw out that dusty old book.

     I hear this phrase whenever I talk to a secular friend or family member.  "You're missing out."  They will say.  Or, "That stuff doesn't apply to us anymore." is another favorite.  It took me a long time to understand that these are code words for, "You are wetting on my charcoal." 

     If you are a modern Christian, chances are that you do not follow Biblical principles today.  Along the way you had a family member, friend, pastor or priest tell you that it is o.k. to live outside of the Bible.  As long as you are mostly good, do your best, and don't kill anyone, you can get to heaven.  It is o.k. to break God's rules, he'll understand.

     This modern form of Christianity is actually not modern at all.  It began in the first century A.D. and has been maturing for 2000 years to the point that saying, "I'm a Christian" today literally has nothing to do with Christ.  He has been replaced by a set of man made rules and morals that worry more about offending others more than offending God.

     We are 2000 years, 80 generations, from the beginning of Christianity.  Little by little, year by year, it has been eroded and replaced.  Today, if you do not observe Halloween or Valentine's day, if you have a very large family, or if you homeschool your children, you are an outsider or a freak of nature.  But, not for the reasons you might think.  You know that if you do not celebrate secular holidays, it is because the Lord forbids combining pagan and Christian ideals.  Not because you are trying to hurt or belittle those who do.  You know that you have a large family because you have been blessed from the lord as he commands.  Not to increase the financial burden on society and increase your carbon footprint.  If you Homeschool the kids, it's because The Lord commands that you educate your children in the eyes of him.  Not as the world views your little caravan of unsocialized, neglected misfits.  If you are not a certified teacher, after all, how can you teach? 

     Unfortunately, they do not understand that your decisions have nothing to do with the world or its teachings.  They are not even on our radar screens, nor are they even entering our thoughts as we live our daily lives praising the one who saved our eternal souls.  We don't do these things because we have some warped idea that God will send us to Hell without an electric fan if we don't.  We simply do them because we want to.  Because He wants us to.  Sorry to disappoint you, but that's our story and we're sticking to it. 

     So if you are a Biblical Christian, drop me a line and share your testimony, I'd love to hear it.  keep up the good fight, stay strong, and finish the race, and you will get your, "Well done good and faithful servant."  If you are not, God bless you and we pray that you find his saving grace before it is too late.  For the rest of you, keep firing, we're bulletproof, wearing the full armor of the Lord.

Who's your God?

     "Oh, My God!"  "I swear to God."  "God bless you."  "God help me."  "God damn it!"  "So help me, God."  "As God as my witness."......The list goes on.  As you utter these all- too-common phrases, I have one question: what image do you conger up when you say them? Who is your God?  What are His characterizations?  Does He punish sinners in Hell?  Are His standards the same as mankind's?  If your god is not the true and living God, with all His perfect attributes, You may be worshiping a false idol, made up in your mind, and not even know it.

     Does that scare you?  If not, you may also be lying to yourself, and not even know that either.  If there is one chance in a million that you are not right with God, you owe it to yourself to put your ego aside and look into it.  Remember, you belong to the ultimate statistic: 10 out of 10 people DIE!  And you will be dead a lot longer than you will be alive. 

     Don't feel bad, most people create a God in their minds that they are comfortable with: A healthy combination of religious teachings, moral convictions, and a figure that gives them that feel good self esteem.  Some of the more popular thoughts are, "My God will send me to Heaven because I do more good than bad."  or "He will forgive all my sins because He forgives everyone." or "My God would never send anyone to Hell."  One's failure to believe in gravity will not stop them from dying upon jumping off of the empire state building.  You not believing doesn't change the facts.

     Please stop deluding yourself if you are among those Jesus calls Workers of inequity, those who say, "Praise God", but have the wrong God in mind.  If there is one chance in a million that you are, or think you might be, you must look into it.  Eternity is a long time to spend in darkness separated from God, and aware of every minute.  Consider this:

P A S T     <  E T E R N I T Y  >   F U T U R E

<<<------------------------------------>>>                          "."

                      your life

Focus on the "line" or the "dot",your choice.Please consider the facts before you choose.

Too Christian for the Christians.

     Is it possible to be too Christian for even the Christians?  The answer is yes, but only because Christianity has been redefined for our generation.  Christianity is now mostly a mix of people who believe 2 things.  1) "Even though (A) is the right thing to do, I'm going to do (B).  Because that is what is best for me in my opinion.  And besides, God really doesn't want me to be sad." Or 2) "Since I believe Jesus died for my sins, I'll be O.K. no matter what I do."  If you believe, as I do, that these 2 points are contradictory to the Bible and Jesus' teachings, than you are probably too Christian for the Christians.

     If the previous 2 points are in line with your thinking, than you are probably, I'm sorry to say, not soundly saved.  In fact you are more than likely part of the problem.  Please don't shoot the messenger, I didn't say it, Jesus did.  Where?, you say.  Several places, but I will concentrate on only 2.  1) Matthew 7:21-23.  And 2) Luke 9:23-26.  One says that even though you profess faith in Christ, you may still be denied Heaven.  #2 says that you must deny yourself and follow Jesus to claim the rights of a saved Christian. 

     If you grabbed your Bible to reference the previous verses, you are either soundly saved or there is hope for you.  If you didn't, it might be too late for you.  It's possible that your selfish nature will harden your heart beyond the point of no return.  But, you say, "what about my good deeds?"  The Bible says that our good deeds are like filthy rags to God.  You can't impress him.  Stop trying, It's above your pay grade.  His grace is a free gift.  A saved Christian does good deeds in response to his salvation, not to obtain it. 

      It should thrill you to be too Christian for the Christians.  It confirms that you are truly saved by grace through faith.  You are also fulfilling the Lord's own words when he said, "When the world hates you, remember that it hated me first."  You will also never see Matthew 10: 34-39 preached in today's churches.  If you hear that, you are in the right church, never leave it.  Until then, Continue to be too Christian.  It drives the Christians nuts.  But, hopefully they will do some soul searching as the Lord works on them, through you.     Until next time,


Do you really believe that?

     That's the question I am most often asked by people. "Why do you believe that?" is a close second.  If I may, I'd like to answer both.  While I try my best to present the truth the way I'm suppose to, it is inevitable that I will get into an argument with someone.  This happens about once a day despite my best efforts.  These arguments center upon one subject, time, and time again.  Guilt.  Guilt that their plan is not in line with God's.  Or worse, that they have bent God's word into what they want it to say so it falls in line with their wants.  While I don't claim to be perfect, this is often the impression people come away with.  That I claim to be better than them.  Rather, the opposite is true.  I am a filthy beggar trying to tell another where the food is.  If you don't want the food, Don't yell at the guy trying to feed you.  It makes no sense.  I never understood until now that they weren't yelling at me, they are yelling at God.  You see, people don't believe not because they don't want to, they choose not to believe because they mistakenly believe that it will cut into their "me" time.  If you are told from birth that it's all about you, some Christian telling you that it's all about God will be quite confusing.

     That brings me to the why.  This is what brought this analytical, evolutionary, agnostic to the foot of a blood stained cross years ago.  Put simply, it was the prophetic accuracy of the Bible.  Let me put it simply.  If you met a man who told you the winner of the next 20 super bowls from 2011-2031, would you believe him?  Probably not.  What if come 2031 you found that he was 100% in his predictions?  All 20.  Would you trust him if he predicted the 2032 game at that point?  Yes you would.  That's how I view the Bible.  Thousands of prophecies have come true up to now.  The equivalent of 6000 super bowl predictions.  Why wouldn't I believe the ones that haven't happened yet?  It wouldn't be logical, would it? 

     So the next time you are sharing your faith, and an argument breaks out, don't get caught up in it.  Simply present the evidence.  There's a lot of it.  If you need some, drop us a line, we'll be glad to help you.  Remember, they are mad at God not you.  They don't understand God's nature or standards because they have never been told.  So tell them.  Now I'll go prepare for tomorrow's Confrontation. God bless yours.