order no.              Title                                   Description/Author
     CD1                The Gospel Truth                      A collection of traditional music

     CD2                Stay the course                       Jessica Hulcy: Raising Good Kids

     CD3                Judicial Tyranny                      10 commandments under assault

     CD5                Enduring love                            Gospel music

     CD6               God and the tsunami                 message about disaster

     CD7                Dare to be a Daniel                   Kids evangelism

     CD8               How to know God's will              Teaching

     CD9                Larry-boy soundtrack               Veggie-tales

     CD10              Project End times                      ten cd set, end times *Doctrine warning    

Steve Brown Teachings

     SB1                                         God in stereo

     SB2                                         Why Jesus had to die

     SB3                                         When you hate change

     SB 4                                        With friends like this

     SB5                                         Wierd ways of God

     SB6                                         Inappropriate, unacceptable, improper Messiah

     SB7                                        Restoring faith

     SB8                                        Poker, peace, and piety

     SB9                                       A matter of truth
     SB10                                     God's silence

Grace upon Grace teachings

     G1                                         Answers to prayer
     G2                                         A heart for God

     G3                                         The point of the passion

     G4                                         Freed by grace

     G5                                         The power of the word

     G6                                         Follow me as I follow him

     G7                                         Great assurances

     G8                                         Be believing

     G9                                         The Resurrection