Order no.                 Title                                                                              Description
   DVD1          The life of C.S. Lewis                                                       Story of C.S. Lewis' life
   DVD2          Heaven: 1 minute after you die                                      What happens when you die
   DVD3          After the fall:relying on God                                            Athlete's story about God
   DVD4          A) Story of 2 kings
                      B) Where'd the Bible come from                                      History
                      C) Has the Bible been corrupted
   DVD5          A) God of Joy, God of pain   
                      B) Nazareth: silent years of Jesus                                   History
                      C) Loves lasting call                                                          The Hendrick's story
                      D) Between Heaven and earth                                        Chesapeake watermen

   DVD6          A) Galilee: land, story of Bible                                          2 part teaching
                      B) 3 faiths of Jerusalem  pt. 1                                          Teaching
                      C) 3 faiths of Jerusalem  pt. 2

   DVD7          Galilee: land and story of the Bible                                   All 4 teachings

   DVD8          Romans: letter that changed the world  1/2                     Bible teaching
                      Lord, I'm yours                                                                  Billy Graham

   DVD9          A) Romans: letter that changed the world  3/4                Bible teaching
                      B) From vengeance to forgiveness                                   Story
                      C) Jake DeShazer's Journey                                             Personal

   DVD10        A) God and 3 faiths of Jerusalem                                      Teaching
                      B) Scripture and 3 faiths of Jerusalem
                      C) Paul and Margaret Brand                                              Personal stories

   DVD11         Romans: letter that changed the world 5/6                     Bible teaching
                       Wisdom from Ephasus 1/2

   DVD12         Who killed Jesus                                                                Teaching
                       The crucifixion of Christ

   DVD13         Larry boy and the bad apple                                             Veggie-tales