I can't imagine what you are being told by your world leaders, governments, and scientists.  From aliens to weapons to evolution, the theories all sound ridiculous, I assume.  Think back to before this happened.  Did you ever in your wildest dreams think this was even possible?  One group of people did, and they're gone.

Remember those intolerant, exclusive, politically correct Bible thumping freaks you so selfishly dismissed?  I'm not talking about the church goers, the religious folks, or the like.  I'm talking about the people who actually trusted Jesus as their savior, and lived their lives as he commanded.  They're gone!  And so are the children.  Only one source predicted this event, The Rapture of the church, the Bible. 

So you now have to ask yourself a question.  "Do I know everything?"  If not, isn't it possible that God, and his plans for the ages, exists in the portion of "everything" that you don't know about?

You are in for some rough times ahead, the remainder of the Tribulation, but you still have a chance.  Please consider the obvious, flush your humanist logic, and get on the (post) Rapture Road.