God does not wish any to perish but that all come to repentance.  He will also help us along the way.  I'm often asked, why doesn't God just show Himself? The answer is simple, a faith based on cheap miracles or convenience is a hollow faith.  It is empty. As Jesus said to Thomas, "You believe because you see Me.  God bless those who haven't seen, and yet still believe.

It's all about faith, the evidence of things not seen.  In the case of God's judgments, however, it is a case of things that have been seen and misinterpreted.  It is also about future judgments, which will be much worse.  These judgments, both past and present, are meant to push the world closer to God.  For those who heed His judgments and do come to Him, they are saved.  For those who chose to continue to shake their fists and deny God, they are lost.  It's that simple, and yet at the same time very difficult.

Make no mistake, God does not cause bad things to happen, it is the evil that exists in the world that he allows to continue in an effort to draw you closer to him. Think of it like this, if you, as a child, hurt yourself by falling off of your bicycle, do you run home to your parents because you know they will help you heal? Or do you lay on the ground and curse your parents for buying you that bicycle? The latter would make no sense. Neither does the person who curses God for the bad things that happen to him. It makes no sense.

The judgments that take place after the rapture, however, are a whole different ball game. Those will be administered by God, To an un-repentant world that has rejected God. 

Think about a rebellious child whose parents continue to punish him for the same bad thing he keeps repeating over and over.  His parents love him; however, the punishments get worse each time the act is committed.  He has two choices: heed the punishments and stop the bad act, or continue to defy his parents and keep committing the same act over and over.  Now multiply this scenario by 6.8 billion, and you see the point.  God loves His creation, but they will be punished. Unless they repent and turn to him. 

The question is, is it going to take missing the rapture and going through the worst parts of the Judgments to wake some people up? Or will all come to repentance and be saved.  The Bible is clear; most will be lost. Please don't be among them.  Don't wait until the 11th hour to seek God; you might die at 10:30.


• Peace taken, global war, great weapons       (Rev. 6:4).
• Famine, a day’s food for a day’s wages        (Rev. 6:5, 6).
• 1/4 world’s population will die, war, hunger   (Rev. 6:8).
• Christians will be slain for their faith         (Rev. 6:9-11).
• Earthquakes, sun darkened, stars fall        (Rev. 6:12,13).
• Mountains and islands will be moved           (Rev. 6:14).
• PANIC AND TERROR will be universal        (Rev. 6:15-17).


• Hail and fire falls to earth, mingled with blood (Rev. 8:7).
• 1/3 in sea destroyed; fish, ships and crews  (Rev. 8:8, 9).
• Many will die from bitterly poisoned waters  (Rev. 8:10, 11).
• Sun smitten, affecting light and temperatures (Rev. 8:12).
• Demonic creatures torture unsaved people    (Rev. 9:1-11).
• Another 1/3 of the world’s population die    (Rev. 9:13-18).
• More great earthquakes and great hail       (Rev. 11:13, 19).


(End result of trumpets)

• Malignant sores plague all the unsaved        (Rev. 16:2).
• Seas become blood, all in the seas will die    (Rev 16:3).
• Only blood to drink from rivers, springs      (Rev. 16:4, 5).
• Men scorched with fire and great heat       (Rev. 16:8, 9).
• Men gnaw tongues due to pain and sores      (Rev. 16:10, 11).
• Preparation for “Battle of Armageddon”      (Rev. 16:12-16).
• Greatest earthquake since men on the earth (Rev. 16:18).
• Cities throughout the world will crumble      (Rev. 16:19).
• Every island and mountain will disappear      (Rev. 16:20).
• Huge hailstones fall, about 100 pounds each (Rev. 16:21).


• The Return of Jesus Christ in glory           (Rev. 19:11-16).
• Conclusion of the Battle of Armageddon      (Rev. 19:17-19).
• Destruction of Antichrist “world leader”      (Rev. 19:20).
• Destruction of the people who followed him   (Rev. 19:21).

IF the “Rapture” has occurred, you have NO ESCAPE
from the “Judgments”. BUT, there may be HOPE —
depending on your response to the rest of our messages.