Revelation 6:1-6:8 unleashes the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse on the earth.  Despite the artwork, these are not literal riders on horses, they are symbolic of 4 forces depicted as men on horseback.  These "horsemen" have been at full gallop since 33 A.D., when they were unleashed on the world.

6:1-2 introduces the first rider, peace and unity.  This force will increase in intensity as mankind tries to, at any cost, come together as one unit in the name of peace.  He is given a bow, but no arrows because he will, in the end, conquer and bring us together without war or bloodshed, but through diplomacy, political correctness, and empty promises of peace and harmony.  This force of worldwide pursuit of peace will culminate with the actual Anti-Christ,  a leader who will take advantage of a war weary world and unite them as one.  This person will be a master deceiver and will succeed in his goal.  Even those who know his true intentions will fall prey to his seductive offer of peace and unity.

6:3-4 Is the force of war.  Wars have increased in number, intensity, and technology for thousands of years.  The twin forces of war and peace have grown side by side in equal intensity.  The more we strive for peace, the more conflict that arises.  This is not only inevitable, it is by design. And will culminate in what we will call WW III. Remember, the names given to these conflicts are man made. The names WW I, WW II, Vietnam war, etc... mean nothing to God. War is war, and they will culminate with the biggest one in the end.

6:5-6 is Famine, which has always existed.  But, again, if viewed as a birth pain, increasing in intensity, this force is getting wider spread.  Even as of late hitting our own country, the U.S.A.,though  maybe not as bad as China, India, or Africa.  But floods, Weather patterns, and  weird declines of animal and pollination cycles have us in a rare food shortage future.  Watch the continued rise of food prices and shrinkage of sizes.

6:7-8 is death and Hell.  The growing intensity of this force of violent death worldwide is alarming, to say the least.  The methods are also less than natural.  The increase of "natural" disasters, animal attacks, plagues, starvation, or vicious cruelty are all increasing at alarming rates like never before. While these have always, as well as the above, existed side by side, the alarming rate of their growth is compelling to say the least.  As we continue to become desensitized, it will only get worse.  After all, it's by design.

So will we continue to stick our heads in the sand, shaking our fists in the air, or will we come to repentance soon, recognizing the signs for what they are before its too late?  Many will wait until the 11th hour to seek God. I just hope they don't die at 10:30.