We believe we are in, what the Bible describes as, the End Times.  Throughout history, several groups have tried, unsuccessfully, to predict the second coming of Christ, or the Rapture,  only to look foolish in their attempts.  First off, nobody can know the day of the Lord's return.  Second, the second coming is the culmination of the end times, not the entire event.

We believe we have been in the end times since 33 A.D. when the Lord ascended. It focuses on The book of Revelation which is the the last book of the Bible, where the Lord describes the end of the age, and his coming.  We are given instructions to follow regarding our involvement in His plan.  We are given warnings to the consequences of not following His instruction.  We are told in great detail the events and judgments which are to come.  These events are described as Birth Pains, growing in intensity, and frequency, until the end.

If you read the Rap-Con section of this site, you will see the signs of the end times.  These are the pains the Lord spoke of.  All of these signs have always been present throughout most of modern history, as the scoffers will be quick to tell you.  However, all of them groaning in unison, cycling down like the labor pains of a pregnant woman, have never been present in history, until now.

Examine all these signs for yourself.  Reference the historical points of each sign.  Cross reference them with all their counter parts, as to the degree of intensification in unison with the others.  We think that after a thorough examination of the findings, you will come to the same conclusions we have. The cycle is winding down.  His return is imminent.

A famous missionary once said, "It is better to live as though His return is imminent, and have Him not come, than to live as though He isn't coming, and have Him come and find you non-repentant"

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