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The Revelation of Jesus Christ is the last book of the Bible.  Written in 96 A.D., it is the culmination of God's plan for mankind.  It is the most frequently read, misunderstood, and prophetic book of the Bible.  The events in this book are very confusing, and cross reference so many other books of the Bible, that correctly interpreting Revelation is no small task.  The biggest challenge Revelation poses is a correct interpretation of the events as actual or symbolic.  Most learned Bible scholars will not agree with all of my interpretations.  Some will, but the spirit of the message is universal among all.  Please feel free to provide feedback or ask any questions that I do not address. Click any chapter series to the upper Left of this page in the menu bar to begin. I am in the process of re writing the study notes so please bear with me.  The chapters will be followed by a select study of the verses that mostly define the text.

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