The first Dinosaur bones were not discovered until 1809.  The word Dinosaur was not even used until Sir Richard Owen coined it in 1841.  This is why You will not find the word Dinosaur in the Bible.  You will, however, find the terms Dragon, Behemoth, and Leviathan used dozens of times.  These are the terms used to describe what we now know as "Dinosaurs".

The word Dinosaur means "terrible lizard".  This is interesting terminology because, did you know that lizards never stop growing?  What would happen if you put a lizard in Hyperbaric, o2 rich, u.v. filtered, canopy protected, pre-flood conditions for 1,600 years?  You'd get a "Terrible Lizard". 

Post flood, however, they could not get so big.  No canopy, diminished o2 content, shorter lifespans, hunted for meat and medicine, unable to breathe due to small nostrils and large lungs. Every time they took a breath, they'd explode from the friction.  As the generations passed, they would become smaller, weaker, and fewer. 

Thousands of stories passed down through the generations from the Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Alexander the great, The Vikings, Beowolf, St. George, and others as late as the 16th century of man's confrontations with dragons. Remember, the word dinosaur did not exist until 1841.

How do evolutionists explain Pre-1800 artwork, pottery, cave drawings, and carvings of Dinosaurs?  How did these people know how to form perfect Dinosaur images for thousands of years when we would not know what these creatures looked like until the late 1800's?  The only logical answer is....... They saw them.

In the past 100 years, there have been over 1100 sightings of the Loch Ness monster.  Also, in the Likoula swamp in Africa, local natives have described the Mokale M'Bembe, A creature that, when asked to draw it, looks exactly like a Dinosaur.  Hundreds of sightings of Dinosaur-like creatures on all continents go unwritten in scientific journals because they fly in the face of the theory of evolution, and old earth theories as well.  Even living blood and soft tissue found in a T-Rex bone in Alaska went by with no fanfare.  If the Facts don't match your theories, get a new theory. Don't Hide, Lose, or Distort the facts to match your theory, that's not Science.

There's a Reason God wrote in the book of Job, chapter 40, that he created Behemoth alongside of man, Because He did!

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