It might surprise you to know that the dark force that everyone is expecting will actually be a much loved, heralded, and anticipated figure. 

The Bible says this person will be a deceiver.  The physical culmination of the Antichrist "force" that has been growing in intensity for 2,000 years.  He will usher in the new world order by promising peace and prosperity for all. 

The most revered world leader in history, this person will not only deceive the masses, but will succeed in making them believe they are ushering in a Utopian paradise.  The difference is that this Utopia will turn into Hell on Earth. 

This change will, at first, go unnoticed by the masses, who will be longing to continue their paradise.  With Utopia finally achieved, people will stop at nothing to keep it, to the inclusion of this leader's laws and statutes.

The Jews will think this man is their long awaited Messiah, the muslims will think he's the Imam Mahdi, the Christians(unsaved) will think it's Jesus, and all other religions will think he's their savior simultaneously. 

The timing of the Rapture of God's people in conjunction with this world leader's arrival is another point of debate.  Some say he will arrive after the Rapture, Some say before, and still some say they will be simultaneous.  Whenever it is, our world will unite as one under this leader, only to crumble, because God has His own script, and the ending has already been written.  It just hasn't played out yet.