That's How I Know

Have you ever been asked to prove God's existence? Have you ever had an unbeliever demand proof before they'll even consider believing? What is your response? Do you give them a million facts you hold handy for just such an occasion, or do you freeze up, because you have no facts and feel as if you're the one being made to look like a fool?

I have been in that situation too many times to count, and way back when I first began to encounter proof-seekers, that second option was definitely me. I froze. I even tried to google “proof that God exists”, just so I could maybe have that list ready. But even when I did I froze, because it seemed unnatural for me to have to prove my Savior's existence. I believed without needing proof. Why couldn't they?

It took me a long time – too long – to realize why I felt so strange in the face of proof-seekers. Because it is unnatural. Because we shouldn't have to prove His existence to anyone.

But still they ask for it. And to make things even more complicated, in our darkest moments and most doubtful times, we sometimes ask for it ourselves. We doubt our faith, and yes, we even doubt God. And we ask Him for proof.

On paper it sounds unreal, but you have to admit – yes, you've asked God for proof. God, the Creator of the universe, and we pretty much ask Him to provide an ID card, or at least some sign that He's still there.

Just like the proof-seekers.

And still, even if we keep our faith and brush off our doubts, there is no proof. Oh sure, there is scientific, historical evidence that proves the existence of God, and hello, anyone with an open mind can't look at the intricacy of Creation and think that some explosion neatly put it all into place. But for our ever-doubting human minds – especially to those who refuse to believe – there's no “proof”.

Because there isn't supposed to be.

Hebrews 1:1 says “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” The evidence of things not seen. Not “the evidence of the proof of His existence”. No. The things that aren't seen. The things which have no physical case-closing proof. Faith isn't having proof of His existence, of who He is and what He has done. It's the evidence not seen – the substance of things hoped for. Faith is not having proof, and still believing, having a faith so strong and unbreakable, in Someone you have never seen.

Believing in Christ is about faith. Christ said it Himself: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” We've never seen Him. We've never touched His scars or heard His audible voice. We have never even seen proof of those things, but we know they happened. We know Christ is real, that all He said is true, and that the scars on His hands do exist. Not because we have seen them.

But because we believe.

The reason we can't offer physical proof of God's existence to doubters is because there is none. Because we are meant to live by faith, not by sight. We are meant to be those He speaks of when He says “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” Because that's faith!

We understand that. Almost any unbeliever would probably look at you as if you were crazy, for believing in something without proof. But you see, there is one piece of proof, one trace of evidence that is enough to satisfy us.

A song by the Christian artist Tobymac contains these lyrics:

“I feel it in my heart, I feel it in my soul. That's how I know.
You take our brokenness and make us beautiful. That's how I know.”

That's how I know. Not by scientific evidence. But because I feel Him. Because when I accepted Him into my heart He came to stay. Because His love is deeper and more powerful than any force, more convincing than any proof, and more real than the keyboard I'm typing on. Because He lives in me, because I feel His love, forgiveness, and presence, I don't need proof.

And I don't need to give it.

Why? Because I am the proof. We are the proof. If we have received forgiveness and have the presence of Christ in our hearts, it will show in who we are. Maybe it doesn't seem like it at first, but the deeper we fall “in love” with our Savior, the more His light will show in us. When we accept His love it fills us to overflowing (verse), and it spills into our countenance and who we are. No, we're not perfect. But if we allow Christ to not only live in us, but live through us, then that is all the proof we'll need.

can be the proof of His love, and His existence. We can be what they ask for. And we can be living examples of why we don't need any physical proof. No proof is needed because when one accepts Christ by faith, He gives them the proof – alive, and real, inside their hearts and souls. When he said “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”, He meant it, and He continues to keep that promise. We have not seen, but if we look beyond what is seen to what is unseen and still believe and trust in Him enough to give Him our very lives, He blesses us with an unspeakable gift – the very essence of the love forgiveness and grace of God almighty.

That's how I know.