Once sin entered the world, all hope of a perfect earth vanished, and the sin that had started out as simple became a massive, controlling force for the descendants of Adam and Eve, who embraced it. There were very few people who looked at the fallen world and recognized the presence of God, which everyone else ignored. The names of these are widely recognized: Noah, Abraham, David, and so many others. These faithful ones, while they did fall into some temptation just like the rest of us, followed the Lord despite all they were up against.

The Bible says that: "...the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." When any person on this earth is told that their 'deeds are evil', there are only two things they can do: 1: They can accept Christ, believe He died for them, and turn from their sin, or 2: They turn against God, and rebel because they don't want to follow His rules.

Sadly, there are so many people who do just that. Not only do they ignore the presence of God, they set out to make life miserable for those who have accepted Him. It has happened all through time. In the first century, they tortured and killed every Christian. Today, they still do in many countries, but in places where Christians aren't necessarily killed, they are still shunned and ignored, and non-believers will try their best to make us sound like we've lost our minds.

Many Christians here in the United States have been wrongly suspended from school, fired from their jobs, and even jailed, over lies that Athiests (non-believers) have concocted out of pure hate for God. It is God they are angry with, but they take their anger out on us, because they can't see Him.
Why do they do this? Why are they angry at God, and why do they do such things? Because that is sin, and they 'love darkness'.
It is not they that are behind these evil deeds, it is Satan, that old snake, getting even with God by attacking His children.

But the Bible says to "count it all joy when you fall into various trials"

Why? Why would we want to go through trouble? Because this world is, in fact, lost, and as Christians, we have been given one special task...