There are over 30 signs of "The end of the age" according to scripture.  These signs, although present throughout time, have never been present and escalating all at once, as they are in our generation. Here we present a brief explanation of the signs that will ultimately lead us to a climax in our age.


Records continue to be set weekly for flooding, famine, and earthquakes, to name a few categories.  18 hurricanes per year used to be an abnormal once in a lifetime season, now it's typical.  From popcorn volcanoes to 3 foot snowfalls, the world wide weather patterns have gone crazy.  Well, that's because they are suppose to. 


Look around, who isn't experiencing an economic crisis?  The theme of the day is always bailout, bailout, bailout.  Countries absorbing countries, devaluing currencies, disappearing wealth and capitol, and it will only get worse.  As we try to fight the inevitable, more countries and companies will go down.  Prepare, prepare, prepare!


Has their ever been a time in history when the entire planet has the capability to wipe out the entire planet.  Much prophecy refers to events that could be described in modern times as a nuclear war.  Using phrases such as, "Like unto", the writers try to describe images that they have never seen in their lifetime.  We know the Lord will intervene before this happens, but we are on the brink.


Let's face it, the world is getting smaller.  It's also getting more controlling.  Regulations are popping up to ensure you stay in line.  Some countries are demanding a one world currency, religion, and governing body.  It might surprise you to learn that all the pieces are in place to make this happen sooner than you think.  Stay tuned.


The bees are disappearing, Fish and birds are dying by the hundreds of thousands, cows are dropping dead, penguins, bats, crabs, you name it, they're dying in astronomical numbers.  As secular scientists are scrambling to find a perfect scientific answer to shove down our throats, all we have to do is open the Bible. 


Not limited to hurricanes, the ocean has been doing some pretty weird stuff.  Yes, 16 named storms used to be rare, now it's the norm, but the gulf of Mexico has been declared a dead zone, and blood has been seen flowing out of an iceberg.  The Bible declares that the seas will eventually turn to blood.  Are we seeing the slow, gradual success of yet another prophecy?  keep your eyes to the water, you never know what's coming next.


Solar flares, weird stuff on the Hubble, comets and asteroids too close, and the U.S. government appointing an ambassador for possible contact with alien life.  These are just a few things that are part of the headlines as of late.  Jesus talks about signs in the Sun, moon, stars, and the heavens being shaken in the end times.  I didn't even touch upon the sky receding like a scroll.  At any rate, keep your eyes to the skies, A lot will be happening immediately preceding his return.


Are we missing anyone?  All eyes of the world have been on this little piece of land the size of New Jersey since the dawn of time.  How can such a small area keep the world at bay when all want her demise.  All that is except for the last hold out.  The U.S.A.  Coming soon to a theater near you.  All nations shall hate Israel.  It is written. And based on the track record of his predictions, I'd say God has this one pegged to.  Your turn America.


Welcome the new leader of the global village.  With an expanding military, a growing economy, and a disdain for the U.S.  China has become the big kid on the block.  Every move this giant makes is met with little opposition from anyone.  As the chess pieces move, watch this leader move about the board unfazed by any pawn that watches it fly by.  Did you like the way they took the lead to devalue our dollar, keep watching...


Ezekiel 38 is very clear that Russia will be the lead in invading Israel in the end times.  Since we are in the end times, many see this as the next event on the prophetic calendar.  While we don't see a chain of events in perfect order as some do, none the less, we see Russia's antics as of late as a brooding military giant as troubling, to say the least.  Always invading someone, they seem bent on conquering and regaining their status.  I urge all to keep an eye on this major end times player.


Persia once ruled the world, it is the wish of the current administration that it can do so very soon.  Joining the facts that they believes they can advance their Messiah's return, Some were personally leaders of the 1979 Hostage crisis and have led the task of equipping (very fast) their country with nuclear weapons, and have publicly called for the destruction of Israel, and are now the head of O.P.E.C., one could make a case for a prophetic outlook for Iran.  Ezekiel will explain it better than me but I would watch this powder keg develop quite rapidly.


The Jewish temple will be rebuilt in the end times.  This is a clear prophecy.  Much prophecy was written regarding the role of the 3rd temple in the Tribulation period.  It may interest you to know that a large number of temple pieces have been constructed, and plans are in place for its completion.  Obviously there are many things that must happen between now and then, but the fact that plans have been made combined with all other indications, are further proof that we are living in the end times.


Atheism is easy to understand.  However, scoffers are harder to identify.  Scoffers are the folks who continually question God's word.  This, unfortunately, includes the majority of what we would call "Christians".  Constantly crying "political correctness", "modern science", or "inclusiveness", these scoffers have unwittingly joined with, and become an unwilling partner of Satan himself.  Although atheism has increased in popularity, scoffers have skyrocketed in popularity.  Comfortably blending religion with modern self esteem, God, that is the true and living God, has all but been eliminated in today's society.  The next time someone says, "God bless you", ask them to explain their "God" to you.  You may be surprised at the response.  God help you if you are not.


The apostle Paul warned of this problem numerous times.  False Christians would enter the church with doctrines of self-esteem, self centeredness, and self-awareness.  If you have ever found yourself more worried about your needs than God's plan, you are in danger of fulfilling this prophecy.  Today's churches in mass have flocked to the self-esteem gospel, ignoring the core teaching of Jesus in favor of Feel good teaching that has a whole generation of "Christians" held hostage by the mistaken idea that feeling good is the center of the gospel. Actually this trend should not surprise any Bible believing follower of Jesus, after all, it was predicted almost 2000 years ago.The increase of faith based initiatives and programs today, is a promotion of faith in doctrines and man made religious traditions, not Christianity.  Tolerance has bred a loss of true Christianity and furthers the cause of political correctness.  If you peel away a few layers, you will see that all "faith" is accepted in this modern faith based society except 1, true Christianity.  When Jesus talks of people leaving the faith, he is speaking of the waves of people who will, and are, jumping on the P.C. bandwagon of man made religion, where the biggest casualty is true worship of the Lord.  Which has been replaced by worship of man made religion.



The first commandment says that you should put nothing or nobody before God.  That includes yourself.  With a dramatic increase of falsely converted Christians comes the mistaken notion that God wants our happiness above all else.  Feeling good will always win with this attitude about God.  With the continued pursuit of pleasure before worship, we are slipping farther away from the one true God, and closer to our own idea of what God wants for our lives.  What he wants is Love, worship, devotion, and to draw you to him.  Should we expect any less from the one who gave us life?  So stop putting yourself before God before it's to late and you end up a prophetic statistic on the wrong side.


Have you noticed an increase in the amount of people on your news channel who have Killed, Maimed or just plain beat someone up for the most minor of reasons.  I recently saw a news cast that told the story of a man who beat a restaurant clerk into a coma for the wrong toppings being put on his order.  You may wonder why these stories are increasing at alarming rates.  The answer is, it was foretold in scripture.  Along with other unmistakable signs of his return, Jesus spoke of a loss of self control that would be alarming to the generation he spoke of.  Although there have always been dangerous people, it is at an alarming rate.  And it's only going to get worse.


Saying negative things to either further a career or just because it helps with the slanderers self esteem.  Slander has become epidemic in our society.  One upsmanship has become the rule of the day.  Getting ahead no matter who we have to bad mouth has taken over our strategies as a whole.  This attitude will translate nicely into the coming years as turning in our fellow citizens becomes the norm for those of us who want to earn points with the new regime that is soon to come.  It will be an easy transition and those who participate will think they are doing good, when in fact they are hurting people and won't know it due to the sanctioning of this behavior by the new order. Beware if you are a believer in politically incorrect thinking.  They are coming for you.


Jesus said that if we forgive others, He will forgive us, if we we don't forgive, neither will He. Knowing this, how can anyone not forgive their neighbor any transgression against them? And yet, they don't. Why? Because they either- 1) Don't believe in God, or- 2) Have been told by their watered-down religion that God forgives everyone for anything, that everyone gets in! Try that at the Superbowl- No ticket, no entry! The only All-access pass is Christ. Accepting Him 100%, and not just the 40% your religion teaches, is the only season pass. Phony religion is the reason we hold grudges to the grave that separate people for days, weeks, months, or years. Not only is it detrimental to health, but an unforgiving nature makes no sense. Think about it, how do you benefit? The only way past your problem is to forgive, get past it, and heal the past. It's better for all, and it's Biblical. Don't fall into the trap, that's what the Devil wants. Don't let him win. Forgive someone today.


You don't have to look far to see acts of all violence, terror, and disgust committed in the name of "God".  From 9-11 to middle east escalation to the mother who recently killed her children in the name of her "god".  This unholiness has reached an all new climax with the toleration, legalization, and support of all kinds of sin and evil in our society in the name of Toleration, political correction, and multi-"fill in the blank".  Tolerating every belief, opinion, and group as "truth" is very dangerous.  Not only is it an abomination to the Lord, but a very dangerous proposition when groups or individuals can, and will, commit any act on whoever they choose and cry "religious freedom" when it's all over.  There is only one truth, find it before it's to late.


Thank you.  It has been listed as an endangered species.  A simple thank you.  Rather, it's expected.  In all walks of life, gimme has become the order of the day.  It's all just expected, without regard to who gets hurt or who it comes from.  Give it to me because I'm entitled, by virtue of my being alive, nothing more.  As the kettle heats up, look for the ungratefulness to start to be met with a little resistance, on both sides.  You don't want to see where the frustration of that will lead, or rather has been lead already, it's just a matter of time.


Abuse is rampant.  From child abuse to spousal abuse to abuse of the elderly, the alarming rise of abusive behavior is due to the short fuse of our patience running out.  It takes less and less to make some fly off the handle.  This is by design.  As the restraining influence of our spirit driven consciences leaves us, more abuse will pile up like an unwanted landfill, choking out any reason or logic that might otherwise overcome such behavior.  If you feel yourself losing self control, seek the Lord, no one else can help you at this point.


This has been around as long as we can remember.  However, What God is speaking about goes much deeper than simple disobedience.  It is a level of Disrespect, dishonor, and degradation that leaves the older generations feeling forgotten, used, and belittled.  Sound familiar?  Welcome to the end times.  Socialized medicine is leaving seniors out in the cold due to budget woes.  Social security money is being raided to support current shortfalls, leaving seniors wondering how they will survive.  Not to mention the younger generations increasingly ignoring and suppressing the voices and values of their elders.  They are being replaced with selfish, new age opinions that have the modern generations growing increasingly angry at their predecessors, to the point of eventual exclusion from society.


The love of money is the root of all evil.  You can not love both God and money.  These are great Biblical principles.  However, when one looks at our society the question must be asked, does anyone actually read the Bible.  The question of weather or not money has replaced God is obvious to all who ask it.  Money is their God.  And if the real God doesn't give them more money, he doesn't work for them.  Thus the modern Gospel failure.  As greed grows, God shrinks.  The process is nearly complete.


It's hard to say if this sign has reached its peak.  The degree to which mankind is in love with themselves is certainly alarming.  From the constant craving of attention and praise, to the unquenchable thirst for sin and perversion that plagues our society.  Self love has definitely permeated our way of life, even infecting the church itself.  Self love, above all else, is the reason for the modern gospel, as well as the rise in atheism, and the alarming rate of false conversions.  How often have you heard it?  "God has a wonderful plan for your life."  "He wants you to be the best you that you can be."  You, you, you, it's all about you.  It is only when God doesn't deliver that you are shocked.  "This isn't what I was promised!" you scream.  The "Take care of #1" mentality that has been drilled into our heads from birth will be our downfall if we are not careful.  The reason: God is actually #1.


In  one of his most specific prophetic passages Jesus says in Matthew 24:14, "The gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come."  Think about that.  There are almost 300 nations on this planet, with some so remote, it is near impossible to reach them.  Language barriers also make it nearly impossible to speak to some even if you do reach them.  At no point in history has a combined effort coupled with technology ever been so intense to spread the gospel around the globe.  Television, internet, and global missionaries have never been combined until now to lend an air of urgency to this prophecy.  I just wonder how quick in our time frame the end will come after this unprecedented mission to reach "all nations."


"God has a wonderful plan for your life."  Have you ever heard this phrase?  Chances are it was made by a representative of the "modern Gospel" crowd.  The problem is when that "Wonderful plan" turns out to include cancer, disease, homelessness, suffering and death of young children, the result is a lost convert who will cry, "Your God didn't work for me."  This is by design.  These false prophets of a Man-made Christianity were predicted long ago in the Bible to come, deceive, and divide the church.  They are on the rise, winning converts by the thousands, and destroying souls in the process.  God actually has a wonderful plan for your soul, not your life.  Your life will be full of trials, testing, and persecution.  Trust in him no matter what, repent, and receive the savior, and you will have treasure eternally.   I wonder how these modern false prophets would have witnessed to people on the 121st floor of the World Trade Center.  "God has a wonderful plan for your life, jump!"


History will show you the persecution of Christians throughout history.  However, living in the U.S.A. today, we are both immune and desensitized to real persecution.  People are being killed for their faith worldwide, in violent Grotesque ways for simply believing in Jesus.  What makes Jesus so offensive in other countries is the same thing that has made him offensive in our country.  The difference is that we consider ourselves Inclusive and Tolerant.  Only to the point of existence, not belief, however.  Believe, that's fine.  Talk about Jesus, that's offensive.  Persecution in this country has been growing at an alarming rate recently.  Just because no one is killed for their faith does not mean persecution is not present.  Laws are changing, attitudes are changing faster, Jesus just isn't politically correct anymore.  That is, the real Jesus.  The Politically correct, watered down, warm fuzzie, inclusive Jesus who is a development of 21st century imagination and fear, he's still o.k.


As with all of the signs, these have also been around since the beginning.  That is the first thing you will hear from the scoffers.  However, one must examine Earthquakes in the same context as all signs given by Jesus.  Are they intensifying at the same pace?  The answer is Yes.  You will be told no by analytical numbers crunchers, however, a quick analysis of the past 100 years will show you a spike of magnitude 5.0 or higher today.  In other words, if there have always been hundreds of earthquakes a day, and that's the main argument against the end times thinking, why are more of them now doing catastrophic damage?  Simple, it was foretold. 


Famine has always existed.  Places such as Africa, India, and China, just to name a few, have dealt with food shortage for centuries.  As famine becomes a growing problem in not only third world countries, but developing and developed countries as well, new concerns will take over as to weather there will be enough to go around.  Strange weather patterns, continued decimation of certain animal kinds, and new governmental laws will put a strain on an already strained food supply world wide.  Look for the U.S.A. to be hit next.


In Matthew chapter 24, Jesus tells of Wars and Rumors of wars.  Wars are easy to understand, they have plagued our planet almost since its inception.  However, it is the growing intensity of conflict over the past 100 years that has us concerned.  New and innovative ways to kill and maim have grown at alarming rates.  From nuclear to biological to chemical, not only the power, but the method of delivery has never been more efficient.  As far as rumors , Whether it is referring to gossip type rumors, or the ever present media outlets, rumors are rampant throughout the world.  From the news reports that stream in from reporters on location as we bomb a country into submission, to the media outlets world wide that continue to fuel the flames of war in every tiny conflict, the circus like attitude of war is no longer something to be feared.  Rather it has become another source of 21st century entertainment.  As we are further desensitized to war, it will grow in intensity, and dominate our attention.  


Technically, according to the Bible, anyone who claims to have the powers or attributes of Jesus, is an Anti Christ (1 John).  Not the Anti-Christ, that's a separate and distinct individual.  Jesus told us that there would be many false Christs that would appear and deceive the masses.  Today, many people are deceived by Faith healers, astrologers, mediums, and the like.  Bible references such as Malachi 3:5, Acts 13:10, Revelation 9:21, 21:8, & 22:15 among others make it clear that such practices are not only clearly against God, but lump people who approve of them who practice "all unrighteousness"  as no better than they are (Romans 1:29-32).  Don't fall  into this trap, no matter how cool or entertaining you think they may be.  This is from the pit of Hell and it smells like smoke.