What do others see when they look at how you live your life? Are you displaying the benefits of being a Christian?

James 2:17-18 tells us that faith without works is dead.  at the same time, good works without faith is also incomplete.  They go hand in hand.  Being a "good person" without coupling that with the love of Christ is displaying a lie, the belief that mankind, through good works, can save themselves goes against everything Jesus taught.  Faith should always manifest your good works and vice versa.  

At the same time, ask yourself why most people who are turned off by Christianity are avoiding Church due to all the "hypocrites" there.  What do you expect from false converts who tell us to repent and trust Jesus, then regularly lie, cheat, steal, drink, use drugs, and display the immoral lifestyles of non-believers all the while going to church faithfully

Jesus calls us to be salt and light to a bitter and dark world.  A world that does not know the virtues of the Gospel.  The Bible declares that non-believers are willingly ignorant of the truth of God.

Salt cannot work without light and light cannot work without salt.  That's why Jesus commanded Salt AND light, not salt OR light.  The cannot properly work apart from each other.  Another type to look out for are the modern new age believers who tell you to follow your heart and you don't need Jesus.  This is a false sense of man made goodness that argues you can be a good person apart from "religion".  Well, there is no heart without Jesus.  Good works should be a product of our faith, period.  Pointing people to the saving grace of the Lord, not man made goodness that will do nothing but give them a false sense of security, and send them down the wrong path.

Remember also that this is a fallen world.  We all face hardships despite our salt and light, that is by design.  Remember, when a Christian has a tragedy, a pagan has a tragedy, so the world can see the difference in the grief felt and the comfort given by whom it is directed to and from.  Also, when a Christian is given a blessing, a pagan is given a blessing, so the world can see who gets the glory.

Do you demonstrate God's gift of salvation, or rather do you follow the crowd, knowing its sin, but confess on Sunday.  Another product of man-made religion designed to give a false sense of security and the warm fuzzies. But this is not God's plan. When the pagan sins, they celebrate, because they do not know it is sinful.  Christians who sin, however, knowing its sin, beforehand are blaspheming God.  If this is your common practice and your life does not make people want to be a Christian, you probably aren't one. Maybe you should get on the Rapture Road.

It's your choice