Despite what you may have heard, being a Christian is not easy.  God will not get that big sale for you or find you that parking space at the mall.  There will be tough times ahead, when you will not understand why something is happening. 

Remember, this life is a test.  Sometimes it will seem as though you can't go on.  It's easy to praise God when things are going great.  But can you still praise Him when you have lost your job?  When you get evicted? When your child is dying?  This is when you must. 

Your earthly pain does not compare to the joy that is coming.  This is the pain before the healing.  Life is short compared to eternity, so don't blow it over a temporary set back.  God will comfort you through your pain, you just have to let Him. 

Remember, you will find another house, another job, and although the death of a child is excruciatingly painful, it will pass.  What will not help is exiting off your road into oblivion.  Remember what's at stake and keep your eyes on the prize.

TAKE ACTION: Get yourself a strong support system of like-minded, Bible believing, prayer warriors.  They will help you fill your tank so you can continue on your way.  You can also E-mail us, we are here to help. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, your destination awaits


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