You're going to find that, according to the Bible, a snake talked.  You'll find that every animal on the planet was squeezed into a boat, dinosaurs walked with mankind, a man lived for three days inside a fish, a man survived a night with several lions, and three guys survived the inside of a blazing furnace, Your so-called "common sense" is your biggest pothole to belief.  Your second biggest pothole(s) are your friends and family that will question your beliefs when you claim to think what you think. 

Lets examine common sense. I was taught in school that 18 billion years ago, absolutely nothing exploded and created the universe.  I was taught that mankind evolved from millions of years of rain on the rocks.  I was taught that, if given enough time, 2 dogs can produce a non-dog.  Whenever someone questions the common sense of these findings, they just add their secret ingredient, "millions of years", and never mind that it flies in the face of my "common sense".  Conveniently they weren't there millions of years ago, so you can't argue with them.  But you should, because if they can believe these fantasies, then there's no reason God can't keep a prophet alive in a big fish. 

1 Corinthians 1:18-21 says that mankind's wisdom is foolishness to God.  He does what He wants, when He wants to.  In our modern day, cancer disappears much to the curiosity of the doctor who pronounced a death sentence, coma patients come to life when it's least expected, and autistic children are released from their prisons every day.  Give God the glory, and He'll bless your life.  Yes, there are also tragedies,  but remember, for every believer who dies from cancer, a pagan will also die from cancer, so the world can see the difference.  Also, for every believer blessed by a miracle, a pagan will also be blessed, so the world can see the difference and watch who gets the glory.  Don't let potholes harden your heart Continue on your path, and you will be fine. Romans 8:28 is a good verse to get you through the tough times.  If you are in the right frame of mind to continue, Roadblock 5 awaits.


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