Sometimes when you are lost, you depend on the kindness of those closest to you to help you find your way back.  But, what if they are lost, too?  And they don't know it, either.  Misery loves company. If the directions that you get are not in your best interest, they are not the right directions.  

Try this analogy; If the person helping you does not pull out a road map to show you the correct way back, are they really helping you?  They may want to fill your tank, wash your windshield, inflate your tires, or change your oil.  All nice acts of kindness, but you are still lost!  

They had good intentions, they are sincere, they may be trusted loved ones, but you are still lost.  It's not their fault, they are lost too.  But they still want to be helpful, because they love you.  The problem at the end of the day is, they haven't helped at all.

Take action.  Find a good, Bible teaching church. Or simply seek out friends who are believers. 

Examine the make up and teachings of the church you have chosen.  Are they more interested in the word of God, or the way you feel?  You may have to check out more than one to find one that will nourish your soul.  Or, your church may not necessarily be a stone building with lots of candles, a cool band, or a 501c3 tax status.  It may be your living room, full of your home churching believers from around the neighborhood.   Don't give up, ask God to guide you.

If you want to get started on the friend route, make sure God's plan is the one you choose together, not yours. 

Remember this: God answers all prayer.  Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes it's no, and sometimes it's wait.  He has His reasons, and you have to trust that they are for your best interest. if you are ready, go to roadblock 3. Hopefully it is in a group setting.


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