The Tribulation can best be described as the period of time that started at the ascension of Jesus, witnessed by as many as 500 people, around 33 A.D. And will culminate at the 2nd coming of Christ at a future date that is only by God.

The last 7 years of this period are known as Daniel's 70th week. Some mistake this 7 year period as the entire Tribulation, however, scripture is clear on this, the Tribulation has been happening since the Lord ascended.

In this Tribulation period, God has been allowing evil on an unrepentant Earth, as well as sanctifying Christians simultaneously. These "birth pains" have been increasing in intensity, and will reach their climax after Christ returns at the rapture.

After the rapture, the wrath of God will be poured out on an unrepentant earth, until the end.

Although this may seem harsh, it is allowed by a loving God, who does not wish that any should perish, but that all come to repentance and receive His gift of salvation.

This is like a parent administering discipline to a child, hoping the child's behavior improves. Even though they punish them, they love them. God also loves His creation and wishes they would repent, and come back to him, as the parent wishes the rebellious child will behave also.

Millions will come to the Lord in this period and be saved when they heed the warnings. Sadly, most will not. They will continue shaking their fists at God, hardening their hearts, and suffering through the tribulation until the final separation, after death, spiritually, in Hell. Part of the reason for this website is that those who visit can escape this fate. The Pre-Wrath concept in the chart below, is the theory that we agree with and teach. Scripturally, this theory is taught in no less than 26 places in the new testament. Christians do go through and are going through tribulation. do not be decieved.