Current Rap-Con Level



"The calm before the storm"

3.0 False Christs-Lack of this event in current events has downgraded this sign (+.1)

1.0 Wars & rumors of wars- saber rattling is at a peak,  WWWIII on the brink! All chess pieces moving into position, 4th cat to reach 1.0

1.5 Famine- Record number of food recalls, shortages, and employees telling customers, "The truck didn't come in" Bad produce, but plenty of chemically created garbage on the shelf. Thanks to  Bayer, Monsato, Dupont, 61% of food seed supply controlled by the same people. Mass starvation in 3rd world, 

2.5Plagues- Status Quo 

1.6 Earthquakes-A couple pops, usual places, status quo

1.2 Persecution-Ramping up worldwide, a little more in usa will force a change in this sign but status quo for now 

1.4 False prophets- Faith healers on the rise, dangerous and predicted trend. 

1.0 Gospel preached to whole world-Has anyone on earth not been evangelized? All corners of earth have seen, heard, or been used as home for missionaries. 2nd cat. to reach 1.0

1.8 People loving themselves-Selfishness at an all time high. Mainstream hollywood, musicians, sports figures, etc., say one thing then do their self serving other thing. Actions speak louder than words. Charitable donations also down. 

1.4 Love of money-New inventive ways to steal your money

1.9 Parental disobedience-Status quo. Steal Dad's gun to commit a crime, blame mom and dad for the way you turned out, mock your parents Christianity, deny your parents are yours, all of these happened this year, mostly by famous people.

1.9 Abusive behavior-Status quo

2.0 Ungratefulness- Looting, Rioting, right or wrong, it makes no difference. I want stuff, bottom line, my life is not enough, Lord, I want more.

1.6 Unholy acts-more attrocities committed in the name of God then ever before in history.

2.3 Unforgiving-No forgiveness, just persecute, Notice it's mainly Christians. Where's the outcry when a secular figure sins? Pagans you're fine, do what you want.

1.5 Slanderous-  Intense Hatred of Trump by the left and hatred of Liberals by the right is epidemic. Trump could suggest Moses for supreme court and the left would reject him. Even people who get attacked are mocked and scorned as deserving of violence. Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi are probably nice people but you'd never know it. Not just in USA, we seem to have out sourced our Slander as other nations are jumping on the bandwagon of mud slinging. Both at each other and at us!

1.1 Loss of self control-  We are on the brink, one angry out of control act will bring the house down. Riots, thugs, shoot a cop for sport, deplorable hate crimes ramping up, Record number of sick individuals killing their children and families, you have to be willingly ignorant to ignore Satan's influence in this fallen world

1.4 Loving pleasure before God-God loses to feeling good, bottom line.

1.6 False Christians-False conversions are a disturbing trend, "My god would never do that" is the call of Liberal "christians" you're 

1.6 Atheism & scoffers-Nothing is sacred, Athiests challenging all. Getting courts to declare war on Christianity.

1.5 Rebuilding temple- It's official. 3rd temple to be built. High priest of the temple appointed for the first time since 70 A.D. Temple dedication was 12/9, next step, The Arabs.

1.1 Iran(Persia) since i don't have a .05 downgrade, just stay tuned, prediction this will be the next 1.0 by years end. New threats ramp up as we mull another attack.

1.0 Russia-Ezekiel 38 has begun. 5th sign to arrive at 1.0

1.0 China-  Lots of movement, military, land grabbing, Goodbye Philippines. 6th sign to reach 1.0

1.0 Syria-Isaiah 17:1-3. 3rd cat. to reach 1.0. imminent prophecy alert! Isis Gaining? Losing? Gaining again? Smokescreen. Trump pulling troops out of Syria, watch for trouble.

1.0Israel surrounded by enemies-in 70 years since its rebirth, this is the strongest anti-Israel campaign ever.  All out middle east escalation is imminent.1st sign to arrive at 1.0

1.9 Space phenomenon-lack of current events have forced a downgrade of this sign (+.1)

2.3 Ocean activity- What's going on in Florida? Bizzare event affected 2 of our categories last month. Dead sea creatures washed ashore in record numbers that have never been seen. Dolphins, sharks, manatees, and millions of fish.  Disaster was declared by governor. And now status quo silence as hotels sit empty and tourist industry suffers. Hmmmmmm.....

2.1 Bizarre animal activity-Florida tragedy on their west coast, record number of sharks along entire east coast, bears trolling neighborhoods, birds dropping from sky. Status quo.

2.7 One world Government-Downgraded because Countries are focusing inward as EU loses influence and the UN is insignificant.

1.2 Ability to destroy ourselves-Prince Rodgers Nelson put it best, "Everybody's got a bomb we can all die any day"

1.4 World wide economic collapse-Trump effect dying off according to the left, The left taking over congress is tanking the economy according to the right, no wait it's the interest rates, no it's the deficit, or maybe its all a smokescreen.

1.7 Wild weather- Record setting fires in California are awe inspiring.