There are over 30 "signs" of the coming of Christ.  I have given each one a corresponding number of between 1.0-5.0 according to the following scale.

5.0-Activity is not noticed at all worldwide.

4.0-Activity is barely noticed worldwide.

3.0-Activity is developing a noticeable trend.

2.0-Activity has increased to an alarming state.

1.0-Activity is at maximum frequency.

Some of these signs have been occurring for thousands of years which usually brings out the scoffers who deny the prophecies and claim all is status quo.

However, our point is, this is the first time in history that all signs are not only happening at the same time, but are increasing in intensity.  These are the "birth pains" spoken of in Matthew chapter 24.  I believe we are also the generation spoken of in the same chapter.

The Rap-Con is a gauge of all the 30+ signs, averaged, to come up with one number that we feel measures the current state of urgency.

5-no urgency

4-barely any urgency

3-Take notice of the world

2-High urgency

1-Imminent departure

Your feedback is welcome on this or any other issue, if you know of a worldwide trend that we missed or are not up to date with please feel free to inform us.