Around 6100 years ago, God, who is not stuck in time as we are, created the heavens and the earth.  The heavens were created for a balance of harmony for the earth.  if one planet, star or moon were different, or changed, It would eventually catch up to us.  It was all perfectly balanced and planned.

It was all made in 6 literal, 24 hour days, with rest on the 7th day.  God does not need rest, of course, it was just the prototype for our week.

The original earth was "very good" providing everything mankind needed to fulfill their purpose which was to prosper, reproduce, and fellowship with God.  The earth had, in those days, a canopy of water suspended above the planet, which created a greenhouse effect that shielded the earth from harmful radiation, which extended lifespans beyond 900 years.

People, plants, and animals also grew much larger due to the effects of a hyperbolic oxygen rich environment.  For example, did you know that lizards never stop growing?  What would happen if you put one in this atmosphere for 1000 or so years?  You got it, you'd have a dinosaur.  Also 10' skeletons have been found near turkey by archeologists.  That's where Noah's ark landed.  which brings us to our next point.

Around 4,400 years ago, a -300 degree comet struck the earth, making it wobble, giving it a tilt, collapsing the canopy of water, and cracking open great chambers of water within the crust of the earth.  Ensuing snow and ice build ups at the magnetic poles, buried plants and animals quickly (as evidenced by mammoths found today with undigested food in their stomachs) by the billions, which formed oil, coal, and natural gas deposits.  Unstable plates cracked and shifted, mountains buckled under pressure and rose up, oceans sink and fill.  Water runoff creates erosion quickly, not in millions of years.  The continental shelf connects all land masses (once upon a time, you could walk from Florida to Cuba)  Ice melts slowly at poles, oceans rise as a result, growing wider and colder absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

More radiation gets in due to the collapse of the canopy, which greatly shortens lifespans from 950 years down to 125 years in just 8 generations. 

Today's world is a junkyard, with plenty of evidence of this flood judgment, for all to observe.

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