A limiting factor is that 1 piece of evidence that proves the truth despite the evidence to the contrary.  I love them because no matter what theory or outdated scientific evidence they throw at me, I can usually end the argument in 5 minutes.  However,  My goal is not to win arguments, just to plant the seed of truth and let God work on their hearts.

This issue is very important because it is, in my opinion, at the heart of faith.  If evolution is true, than Jesus is a liar, and Christianity crumbles.  It is not true, however, and here are some of the thousands of pieces of evidence to support creation. 

This page will grow as I discover or add other limiting factors, or you are welcome to send me your favorites.

1) 12 planets and moons in our galaxy are spinning backwards, as are some entire galaxies outside of our own.  This is against the law of the conservation of angular momentum, and is not possible according to their own big bang theory.

2) Earth's population today is 7 billion, in 1985, it was 5 billion, in 1977, 4 billion, in 1962, 3 billion, in 1930, 2 billion, in 1800, 1 billion, and in 5 A.D. 1/4 billion.  Using the same Avg. birth and death rates in reverse, you can arrive, mathematically, at less than 10 people on the earth in 2400 B.C.  That's the year of the great flood where 8 people were saved from judgment on the ark.  Now, if you work forward from the evolutionist's time line from when they say mankind appeared, using the same birth and death rates per generation, today we would have 150,000 people per square inch of earth.  That's crowded!

3) The oldest tree in the world is a pine tree in southern California around 4000 years old. If we are millions of years old, why don't we find older trees?

4) Niagara falls erodes 4' per year. If we are millions of years old, why hasn't it eroded all the way back to lake Erie?

5) The moon is moving farther away from us every year at a rate of 3".  If you go back in time, accounting for scientific changes in revolution patterns, the moon would be hovering a few feet above the earth in a few thousand years.

6) Dinosaur bones were found in Alaska with soft tissue and blood cells still present.  Clearly they cannot be millions of years old.

7) How can petrified trees be found in a standing position through rock layers with each layer being separated by millions of years?

8) How can the following be millions of years old like they tell us?  Petrified firewood, acorns, a cowboy boot (with the leg still in it), a fish giving birth (that's a long labor), A hat, and a pickle.  This is evidence of a quick burial in a flood, not millions of years.

9) One of Jupiter's moons, Ganymede, has such a strong magnetic field, suggesting a hot core.  It should have cooled down long ago, if we are billions of years old

10) The existence of comets proves a young universe, and there is no Oort cloud 50 A.U.'s away spitting out comets, Pluto is 39 A.U.'s away, there's no way you can see the Oort cloud that far.  Oort has never seen the Oort cloud.  If all they have to do is make things up and have us prove they don't exist, no wonder it's been so easy for them to pull the wool over our eyes this long.

11) Earth's magnetic field has lost 10% of its strength in 150 years.  Go back in time and it would not be able to support life due to strength.  Which is also why carbon dating is wrong.  It is directly proportionate to radiation which gets in as magnetic field declines.  That's what forms the C14.  That's why 2 parts of a mammoth showed 2 different ages in 1949.  Also in 1979 they were still having problems with the same aging method.  (Leg 15,000 years old and another part  21,000 years old :same animal)

12) There is a leap second every 1 to 1 1/2 years because the earth is slowing down.  That means it used to spin faster.  Which is no problem if we're only 6,000 years old.  If you think we're billions of years old, now you have a problem.  Because after a while, you would have 5,000 mile an hour winds, and you think dinosaurs lived 200 million years ago, they would have been blown off the earth by the Coriolis effect.  

13) The Sahara Desert is our largest desert.  It has a prevailing wind pattern called Desertification.  The age of the Sahara Desert is 4,000 years old.  Why don't we have a bigger desert? 

14) Oil deposits have a pressure of 20,000 psi.  The pressure is greater than the overbearing weight of the rocks.  This pressure can only last less than 10,000 years.  Incidentally, oil can be created in a laboratory in 20 minutes using dead animal carcasses.  It does not take millions of years. 

15) The Mississippi river deposits 80,000 tons of sediment per hour, the delta is growing larger, why isn't the Gulf of Mexico a mud bowl?  That is if the Earth is billions of years old.

16) The largest reef in the world is the great barrier reef in Australia, it has been deemed 4000 years old.  Why don't we have a larger reef?

17) When it rains, 30% runs into the oceans.  The rest evaporates or melts into the ground.  The oceans are getting saltier due to the distillation process.  Today, the ocean is 3.6% salt.  Which, at current calculations, could be achieved in less than 10,000 years.

If the facts don't match your theory, get a new theory.