According to the time line of the Bible, the Universe is less than 6200 years old.  Most of you that just read that sentence just popped a blood vessel.  You were taught, like I was, that 18 billion years ago, nothing exploded, forming the universe.  It got better, Eventually after millions of years, the magic ingredient, it rained on the rocks, Fish evolved from single cell beings. He, she, or it grew legs, found a spouse, had babies, and eventually turned into you and me.  This is taught as fact and "God did it" is the taboo sentence.  Are we afraid of God that much to where such nonsense permeates our souls to the point of believing it as a viable alternative to bowing before our creator?  Have we become that egotistical?

What would you do if everything you knew about the origin of life was proven wrong?  Would you fight to prove a lie?  Or would you embrace the truth?  If the facts don't match your theory, you don't throw out the facts and embrace a false theory, that's not logical.  No, you need to get a new theory. 

I believe, "In the beginning, God."  They believe, "In the beginning, concentrated matter that  developed from nothing." Why is my belief "Religious" and theirs is "Scientific"?  It's simple, they have to have an alternative to "God did it."  Why?  If God is in control, that means that they're not.  That just does not compute to a secular humanist.  They don't believe that.  Belief?  Faith? That's right, their theory is also Religiously born and bred.

The main architects of secular, humanist, and evolutionary theories hated God, that is no secret, so they developed these theories, packaged them as "Science", and delivered them to a confused world who immediately embraced them.  Some wove them into the tapestry of their Christian faith and viola ! the perfect marriage.  What these guys never realized is that hundreds of years later their theories would be proven wrong.  For example, we can't "Evolve" from something more complex than we are, and one bacteria cell is more complex than a space shuttle.

So the question remains, why are false theories and findings still taught as fact?  Have we become so tolerant and politically correct that we now accept a lie as the truth?  The answer is yes.  Someone is wrong in this debate,Evolutionists and creationists can't both be right, and you can't marry the 2 and create some "middle ground" that makes you feel more comfortable.  A God that would use evolution to bring about his creation is cruel, wasteful, and retarded.  It certainly is not the God of the Bible. 

I suggest you research more facts, visit our links page, click the creation choices and come to your own conclusions.  Remember when you stand before God, you are gonna have to account for every idle word spoken, and calling Jesus a liar regarding his teachings on creation is pretty serious.  Are your thoughts in line with him?  Open your mind, because the next section will create a big conflict in it.

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