Jesus taught about the creation 26 times in the gospels.  Was he lying?  Did he not understand modern science?  Or do you not understand his teachings because you have been brainwashed by secular, evolutionary thinking?  Most of these "modern" theories were developed long ago by people who's only agenda was countering the Bible's creation account.  It might interest you to know, that most of these theories have been proven false in the past 50 years.  However they remain in our books and schools because a politically correct society simply must have an alternative to, "God did it". 

This is a very important issue because it speaks to the core of Christianity.  If Biblical creation is true, than your faith is unshakable.  If they confuse you with so called scientific theories, than your faith is in question. 

We hope to show you that it is true, you do not have to worry about your faith, or try to merge it with modern thinking so as not to appear, "unenlightened". 

As a former Agnostic and evolutionary thinker, it thrills me to show you the facts that brought me to the truth of creation, as well as brought me closer to God

It may also interest you to know that 45% of today's scientists share the belief of Creation.