HI, and welcome to Rapture Road. My name is Ed. You can call me Milo, my childhood nickname. Let me introduce myself, and give you some insight and background on this website and the reason for this ministry.

Several years ago my daughter came to me with a perplexing question. "Daddy, are we going to Hell?" She said.  I was, at the time, best described as an Agnostic. Believing in the here and now, whatever I could see and touch. There was no room for God in my life, and whoever he was, I didn't want him to mess up my gig.  So I was unable or unwilling to answer her question.

You see, someone at her religious education classes told her that because we didn't go to church every Sunday, we were risking going to Hell. I was furious. Not so much at the prospect of going to Hell, I couldn't care less about that. It was the fact that someone would say that to my daughter, at age 6, and mess up her head with their religious garbage.

After pulling her from the class, I then began to ponder. Is there a Hell? Would God send me there because my job made me work on Sunday? Who was God, anyway? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life??? Questions I never cared about up to that point.

That night started an endless journey for me to find the truth. After all there can be only one truth. There are 127 distinct definitions in this world of who or what "God" is. They can't all be right? After all, 2+2=4 right? It is not 5. No matter how bad you want it to be 5, it is still 4, isn't it? You can write books, create alternative math problems, start groups, and have very, very, convincing arguments that it is 5, but that will not change the fact that the answer is 4. No matter how emotional you get over the subject, the fact that the answer is 4 will always slap you in the face. 

In my journey I have studied all religions, multiple holy books, crossed several language barriers, and built an extensive library. All to arrive at the truth, which I share with all who enter this site who are lost, confused, or curious about what it's all about and why we are here.

Who am I? I represent everyone. I hold no degrees, and am affiliated with no church, denomination, or group. I simply stand ready to aid all who are at the same point I was at in life. Lost, confused, and hating religion. So come join me on the right road, The Rapture Road.

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