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Hi, I'm Darrion. I run the Kid section. 

Once you decide to believe, what's next? If you are a kid, that can be the hardest part.  That's why I'm here. I'm a kid. I'm 16.  If you're a kid, I'll try to help you with the "what's next?" question.  Living life as a  believer can seem tough.  It can be tougher on us kids because of all the pressure to live like they expect us to live.  Most of the time that doesn't include God.  I'm here to tell you that it not only can, but how that works.  If you've ever had someone tell you that you can't Love God and be a kid, I'm here to help.  That just isn't the fact.  And the truth just might surprise you. 

So come join me on the right road, The Rapture Road.

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